Comba Telecom shows off bi-directional amplifier for enhanced public safety at CTIA 2016

05/30/2017: (7 Sep 2016, Las Vegas) -- Comba Telecom, the US wholly owned subsidiary of Comba Telecom Systems Holdings Limited. Comba Telecom, Inc. has recently entered the in-building coverage Public Safety market in the US, and has just introduced the first of a planned lineup of solutions that ensure robust, reliable in building communications for First Responders (fire, law enforcement, EMS).

Just like people experiencing problems with cellular devices not working properly inside buildings, First Responders often have the same problems with their 2 way radios communicating on the Public Safety macro network. However, where lack of cellular performance is in most cases only a nuisance – in the case of Public Safety, it can mean the difference between life and death for the First Responder and/or the public that they are here to protect.

Comba Telecom’s core and primary strength is in the development and manufacture of high efficiency linear PAs (power amplifiers). Since 2005, Comba has developed and sold PAs for commercial wireless telecommunications for tier 1 OEMs, as well as for the major wireless operators around the world.

Comba is also a highly vertically oriented manufacturer – meaning, most of the subcomponents and subsystems that other DAS manufacturers subcontract out, are developed and manufactured in house by Comba. Building virtually everything in house allows Comba to enjoy a lower cost, better quality control, and better control over lead times. This, combined with the lower manufacturing labor cost base of China, positions Comba to offer a Public Safety solution that has the lowest price point, while including the most features and highest quality.

To the building owner who wants or is required to ensure reliable, in building communications for First Responders (fire, police, EMS) – there is no return on investment as there is for a cellular communications DAS system. So, as you might imagine, the price of the Public Safety DAS system is always of high importance.

Comba Telecom is committed to doing its part to help ensure that First Responders can always be assured of reliable in building communications – by bringing high performance, highly cost effective solutions to the market.

As you will see from the following video, Comba has started on this effort by introducing their new CriticalPointTM 700 and 800MHz Single and Dual Band BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier). This new product leverages Comba’s experience in cost efficient and power efficient power amplifiers; the CriticalPointTM BDA brings best of breed, state of the art features and functionality to the market at very affordable pricing. As you will see from the video, the CriticalPointTM BDA is also 100% compliant with NFPA and IFC requirements, and those requirements of virtually all jurisdictions in the US.

In the video, you will also see a sneak preview of Comba’s next Public Safety product, a fiber DAS solution for coverage in large venues and/or multiple building environments.