1900 MHz Base Station Power Amplifier

TC-1900 (MCPA)

  • Utilizes high efficiency 200W DPD amplifier for extended cell coverage
  • MCPA with 20MHz Instantaneous Bandwidth can support any combination of CDMA, WCDMA & LTE signal
  • Low noise amplifier reduces uplink system noise figure and results in reduced call drops and improved voice quality
  • Reduces handset output power and improved BTS uplink receiver sensitivity
  • Permits local monitoring via PC at tower bottom and remotely by wireless modem or Ethernet
  • Built-in Bias T’s to pass the dc voltages from BTS to TMA
  • Alarms can be transmitted to OMC via data link or SMS
  • Automatic bypass feature permits BTS operation when amplifier or power supply fails
  • Internal Li-ion backup battery ensures alarm messages are transmitted when power is down
  • Designed for all outdoor installation– waterproof, damp-proof and omni-sealed (IP54)

Product Description
TC-1900(MCPA) AWS band-selective Base Station Power Amplifier provides both uplink and downlink amplification for multiple carriers and extends the coverage that decreases the cost and improves the service quality. The unit is fit for outdoor installation and can boost the transmitted power to extend cell coverage. The uplink low-noise amplifier (LNA) serves to improve the receiver sensitivity of the BTS to cope with the extended cell coverage in the downlink. The unit is powered by both AC and DC power supply options, including 220VAC, 110VAC, or -48VDC. It consists of duplexers (DPX), uplink LNA, downlink MCPA, RF by-pass switch, Main Control Unit (MCU), distribution board, power supply unit (PSU), surge protector, wireless modem and Li-ion backup battery. Parameter settings can be done locally via a PC with installed OMT software, or remotely via wireless modem using OMT or OMC software. Through the wireless modem, the alarm data can be transmitted to the OMC automatically, or be sent as SMS to a predefined cellular device.