Light DAS ComFlex 600 Series DAS


  • Industry’s first DAS system with superior PIM performance MINI-DIN RF connectors
  • Independent coupling port for uninterrupted network testing
  • Modular Master Unit supports flexible field upgrade and maintenance
  • Independent gain control for each RF source
  • High MTBF and low noise design with modular PSU and convection cooling
  • RF module supports both simplex and duplex
  • Compact, slim Remote Unit for OPEX saving
  • Supports multi-operator and mixed mode applications
  • Optical link auto gain control
  • Web based GUI for intelligent commissioning and configuration

Product Descriiptiion

The ComFlex Hex-band Distributed Antenna System is an RF over fiber solution that enhances a wireless network’s coverage by extending cellular services from existing cell sites to an indoor environment. The system consists of the Master Unit (MU) and Remote Unit (RU). The MU includes the MU Rack, Power Supply Unit (PSU), Fibre Optical Unit (FOU) and RF Unit (RFU). With a modular design, it can support up to 8 independent RF inputs and 8 Remote Units. The Remote Unit is designed with a compact and slim form factor for easy installation; it is an integrated design which supports 6 independent bands, 700MHz (lower ABC), 700MHz (upper C), 800MHz, 850MHz, 1900MHz and AWS band.

This solution is an effective point-to-multipoint distributed antenna system that provides effective coverage enhancement. The Comba Hex-Band DAS offers service providers an optimal solution for multiple applications from a single building to a campus, mega mall, or sports arena and beyond.