16xE1T1 Flexible Hybrid Microwave Transport Solution

ML-EC+ System

  • Compliant system for 6-38GHz, ETSI channels for 3.5-28MHz, FCC channels for 2.5-20MHz
  • Ultra-compact ½ Rack Unit heights for balance, and 1½ Rack Unit height for unbalance
  • Most up-to date technology with utilizing QPSK modulation and delivering up to 34MbpsEthernet and up to 16 x E1/T1 channels, is deal for building hybrid networks
  • Up to 4K active VLAN entries allows building many port-to-port networks paths for specific customer services
  • Jumbo frame size supports 2000 bytes, which allows using longer header info and transmitting more useful content and less headers, thus gaining on total throughput
Product Description Employing hybrid technology, ML-EC+ system is a cost-effective native TDM and native Ethernet solution for mobile backhaul, private networks and wire-line network last-mile extensions.

The ML-EC+ system are offered as a split system, tightly coupled with Comba’s advanced microwave radio and managed by a B/S structure comprehensive management system to provide a complete microwave network solution.

With its advanced mechanical design, ML-EC+ system enables quick and fault-free installation and delivers durable, high availability even in the harshest environments.