Microwave ODU

Advantage Series

  • 6-38GHz frequency bands available
  • Fully synthesized design
  • 3.5-56MHz RF channel bandwidths
  • Supports QPSK and 16 to 1024 QAM
  • Standard and high power options
  • High MTBF, greater than 92.000 hours
  • Software controlled ODU functions
  • Designed to meet FCC, ETSI and CE safety and emission standards
  • Supports popular ITU-R standards and frequency recommendations
  • Software configurable microcontroller for ODU monitor and control settings
  • Low noise figure, low phase noise and high linearity
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Very high frequency stability +/-2.5 ppm
  • Wide operating temperature range: -40°C to +65°C

Product DescriptionThe Advantage series are available in three different models to meet your specific ODU requirements.

Advantage P
The Advantage P model is designed to be a very effective ODU solution. The product is ideal for PDH applications utilizing modulation schemes; QPSK, and 16 to 32 QAM. Frequencies available from 6-38GHz, with RF channel bandwidths up to 30MHz. High standard transmit power level up to +27dBm for certain frequency bands.

Advantage SPThe Advantage SP model uses highly advanced ODU technology. The product is designed for PDH, SDH and wireless broadband applications, utilizing modulation schemes; QPSK, and 16 to 256QAM, frequencies available from 6-26GHz, and RF channel bandwidths up to 56MHz. High standard transmit power levels with up to +27dBm for certain frequency bands.

Advantage SP+The Advantage SP+ model uses the same highly advanced ODU technology as the Wavelab SP, plus an extended performance capability. Extended transmit power levels up to +30dBm for certain frequency bands.
  • Advantage SP and SP+ series ODUs have up to 30 MHz RF channel bandwidth on standard models. Both are available in wideband option; programmable channel BW filtering.
  • Fine synthesizer step option; 125KHz step size available on some models.