To the venue owner – an ERRCS system is an expense with no ROI.

To the Emergency Responder – an ERRCS system is a MUST – with life safety for responders, AND the public,  depending on it.

Comba Telecom is committed to providing highly affordable, state of the art solutions so venue owners can ensure that First Responders get the coverage they need and deserve, while making the cost to the venue owner as low as possible.

CriticalPoint Public Safety BDA
  • Available single or dual band – 700 and/or 800MHz
  • 2 Watts per band
  • Class A – 32 channels PER BAND
  • Channelized uplink AGC
  • Channelized  uplink squelch
  • Mandatory built in isolation testing and verification
  • Web based GUI for configuration
  • Fully NFPA compliant (dry contact alarming; NEMA 4 enclosure)
  • SNMP support
  • Convection cooling (no fans)
  • Weight - 50 lbs.
  • AC consumption – 80W single band; 100W dual band

Public Safety Q&A

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