Located in Guangzhou, China, Comba' s global manufacturing base covers an area of  42,000+ square meters with 20+ production lines such as components, modules, repeaters, antennas, and microwave products.

Comba's enhanced factory is located on its existing manufacturing site and commerced operation in 2009. The enhanced factory marked a new milestone to the Group's continuing development, enabling the Group to increase its production capability by 150%, and thereby realizing the economies of scale and deliver products in a shorter period to customers.

From incoming material inspection, procedure control, finished product inspection to client issue resolution, Comba has a well established high-efficient production process and stringent quality control system to ensure high quality products and timely delivery.

Comba is TL9000, ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS1800 and CMMI certified.

Leveraging on technology innovation and global high-efficient logistic services, Comba strives to provide customers cost-effective products in order to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Global Manufacturing Base

Clean Room Facilities