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Comba Telecom Shortens Lead Times for its CriticalPoint™ Public Safety UHF Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA)


Comba Telecom Shortens Lead Times for its CriticalPoint™ Public Safety UHF Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) 

Comba shortens lead times to 6 weeks for its popular public safety UHF BDAs Configurations


(03 September 2019 – Milpitas, CA) – Comba Telecom, Inc. today announced that the UHF Bi-Directional Amplifier (BDA) products can be ordered and shipped in as little as 6 weeks, reducing lead times for critical public safety communication systems.

Unlike Comba’s public safety 700/800MHz BDAs, UHF BDAs cannot be “pre-built” or available “off the shelf” because they do not follow a standardized channel bandwidth or spacing convention.  Therefore, each UHF BDA unit produced needs to be designed and specifically configured for each public safety radio network’s channel plan.  Comba has created a unique workflow to handle typical configurations so filters can be quickly manufactured, tuned and then integrated into the UHF BDA.  For single and dual window BDAs, this can be accomplished in as little as six (6) weeks after receipt of an order.  Single and dual band configurations cover approximately 90% of the market.  Some more difficult single and dual windows configurations, and three (3) windows configurations may take up to eight (8) weeks, however, this is still a much-improved lead time seen in the overall UHF BDA industry which can be as long as 12 to 14 weeks or even longer.    

“Product lead times for public safety UHF BDAs can be challenging due to their custom channel configurations,” says Don Henry, Comba Telecom’s VP of Sales and Public Safety Program Manager. “We are proud of our new process improvements, and very happy that we can now provide delivery in as little as six weeks.  This is extremely fast delivery in the UHF public safety industry and demonstrates Comba’s innovative thinking to providing the best mix of products, features, price and service to the public safety community.” Henry continued to state.

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