ComFlex 6100 Series DAS System

The Comba ComFlex DAS is a modular, multi-carrier, multi-technology system that offers flexible and reliable wireless service coverage to both indoor and outdoor environments. At the heart of the system is the Head End Unit, or Master Unit, a compact, 19" rack mountable tray that holds the Controller Unit, Fiber Optical Units and can hold up to 8 RF modules. The unit can be fed RF through multiple of sources including BTS (Base Station) through Comba's ACU solution, Small Cell as well as a base station's over-the-air RF signal received through a donor antenna mounted on the roof.

The Master Unit can support 8 sources and feed up to 8 remote units. If the venue is larger and more than 8 remotes units are required, the system can take support an additional 8 remotes through adding an additional 19" rack mounted Fiber Optical Expansion Rack.

Either Master Unit can be configured and controlled through physical tethering or remotely using the simple, easy to use web interface.

Depending on the venue size, required carrier/bands, the ComFlex DAS can be designed to meet the needs of the venues specifics needs. An example of a typical, off-air, multi-band system architecture diagram is shown.


• Integrated RF source access and optical conversion in one chassis
• Modular design for flexible field upgrade and easy maintenance
• Independent gain control of each RF source
• Supports 8 sources
• Supports 8 or 16* Remote Units (RU)


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