ComFlex­™ Series 

Distributed Antenna System


Comba’s Distributed Antenna System (DAS) offers flexibility and scalability for enterprise customers looking to enhance both indoor and outdoor cellular coverage.


The Comba ComFlex DAS is a modular, multi-technology platform designed to be flexible and deliver reliable wireless service coverage to both indoor and outdoor environments.


Depending on the number of sources (carriers/frequencies) and square footage of the venue, Comba has a DAS solution to meet your needs. From our ComFlex ACU “Active Controller Unit” Series for the ultimate in source/coverage to our ComFlex mBDA Series to meet smaller coverage requirements, Comba DAS systems offer the same level of performance to deliver enterprise level quality at a fraction of the cost.




Perfect for large venues such as stadiums, arenas, transportation systems and airports.
Perfect for mid-sized complexes such as office buildings, hospitals and hospitality.
Perfect for smaller-sized spaces such as office buildings, retail shops and warehouses.

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