700/800MHZ Fiber DAS




To the venue owner – an ERRCS system is an expense with no ROI.

To the Emergency Responder – an ERRCS system is a MUST – with life safety for
responders, AND the public, depending on it.


Comba Telecom is committed to providing highly affordable,
state of the art solutions so venue owners can ensure
that First Responders get the coverage they need and deserve.




Comba’s New CriticalPoint 700MHz/800MHz NG (Next Generation) single or dual band channelized Fiber DAS was designed with public safety first responders in mind.  Fully compliant with the IFC and NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), CriticalPoint’s Fiber DAS system is comprised of a Master Unit (MU) and Remotes Units (RU) in either 0.5 Watt or 2 Watt models providing wireless coverage of millions of square feet in combination with fiber expansion hubs to support up to 32 Remote Units.


Similar to our award-winning first generation CriticalPoint Fiber DAS system, the NG platform will also come in Class A or Class B and will be software configurable.  What sets the NG platform apart from the previous generation:

    • Greatly improved noise factors
    • Faster ALC (automatic level control) response time that supports P25 phase 2 per timeslot
    • Up to 64 channels per band on single band models; up to 96 channels shared across bands on dual band models (maximum of 64 on individual band) (Class A)
    • Fully FCC compliant (<9dB Noise Figure) low gain mode
    • A more powerful GUI and tools for commissioning, updating and maintaining the ERCES system


Additionally, the NG system includes a new battery backup unit (BBU), sold separately.  The BBU will be offered in either a 30AH, 60AH or 100AH capacity to satisfy a wide range of requirements of local ordinances. The new BBU is powered by the same Lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4) found in our current Version 2 BBU, however the chassis is 30% smaller and 20% lighter. 


NOTE: The V3 fiber DAS equipment is NOT compatible with the V1 Fiber DAS equipment




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