3.5GHz CBRS: OnGo for Dummies ebook now available

JR Wakabayashi

Written by 21 May 2021


The 3.5GHz CBRS (Citizens Band Radio Service) has been moving forward for the past few years.  From starting as an abstract idea to generating more than $4.5 billion in PAL licenses that the FCC auctioned off last year, CBRS is starting to get more attention in the market.  This new shared-spectrum approach has many use cases and could bring down the costs of spectrum for many industries who are looking to deploy an LTE private network.  But there are many questions that potential customers need to know and understand before deciding if CBRS is the right solution for them.


Comba Telecom has been a proud member of the OnGo Alliance, previously known as the CBRS Alliance, for 3 years and have been monitoring the technology as it evolves into a more mainstream wireless solution.  Recently the OnGo Alliance released an OnGo & CBRS For Dummies eBook:  Enabling Next-Gen Connectivity Across Industries.  Focusing on six industries , the guide discusses how an OnGo deployment can help with wireless connectivity both in the near and long terms while making it a cost-effective solution.


For more in-depth information into the fundamentals of how the OnGo works and explore valuable use cases and applications for private LTE networks and how to roll out OnGo solutions, click here to learn more and to download the full OnGo & CBRS for Dummies book.