Open RAN



Open RAN is a hot topic in the telecom industry. The Radio Access Network (RAN) provides the critical technology to connect users, including mobile phones or enterprises, to the mobile network over radio waves. It also acts as a bridge to access all the key applications on the web.


Current RAN technology is provided as a hardware and software integrated platform. The ambition for Open RAN is to create a multi-supplier RAN solution that allows for the disaggregation between hardware and software with open interfaces and virtualisation, hosting software that controls and updates networks in the cloud. Benefits including supply chain diversity, solution flexibility, and new capabilities leading to increased competition and further innovation are expected.


The challenge in the 5G network is to build an infrastructure that can meet diverse service needs cost-effectively, which requires a revolution in network design and architecture. An Open RAN Remote Radio Unit (RRU) is used to convert radio signals sent to and from the antenna into a digital baseband signal, which can be connected to the DU over the O-RAN split 7-2x fronthaul interface. Evolving along with the RAN system, Remote Radio Unit (RRU) technology supporting multiple air interface protocols becomes essential of products. 


Comba believes in the value of openness in mobile networks. As an active participant in the O-RAN Alliance and Telecom Infra Project (TIP), we work together with communication service providers and mobile network suppliers to create the foundation for openness, innovation and flexibility in radio access networks. Comba offers O-RAN Alliance standard compliant and TIP qualified high power multi-band, multi-RAT (Radio Access Technology) Remote Radio Unit (RRU) product portfolio for all types of RAN deployment scenarios. With the best performing, cost effective, highly reliable, software upgradable and flexible radio products, our future-proof openradio™ solution reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators and neutral hosts.

Quick installation

Reduce cabling complexity

Reduce electricity bill

Reduce site space

Reduce Tower Loading

Solution Architecture


Typical Scenarios

Outdoor Macro
Designed to minimize the total cost of ownership (“TCO”) for operators and neutral hosts in macro deployments through fast and easy deployment, energy savings, improved coverage and throughput, smaller footprint, and easy maintenance
Urban Sites
Enable true interoperability and require less equipment, installation time, power consumption, and space for network upgrades and enhancements with the compact design and high-power efficiency features
Medium to large Venues
Scalable to meet capacity and coverage demands, particularly in large macro networks or large indoor venues, such as stadiums, airports, and exhibition centers when the operators strive to improve customer experience



Dr. Gediz Sezgin Chief Technology Officer | Turkcell
“Turkcell is a pioneer in digital transformation and as part of this motivation, most of our mobile core network has been virtualized on Turkcell Telco Cloud Platform. We are fully convinced with the advantages of virtualization and believe that open Radio Access Network interfaces will accelerate innovation in the 5G era. We are excited to partner with Comba and will continue to lead this journey towards fully virtualized next-generation mobile networks thanks to our broad expertise in RAN technologies and network virtualization.”
Xavi Casals, Director of Technology, Innovations & Customer Experience | GSMA Ltd.
"Health and safety are of the utmost importance for GSMA to ensure visitors' experience at MWC Barcelona 2022. Thanks to the computer vision technology brought by ScanVis for consecutive years, contactless check-in and identity authentication solutions do not only enhance the event experience but also mitigate health risk for tens of thousands of visitors."
Mr. Kelvin Ho Wireless Network Director | 3HK
"It has been more than a year since 3 Hong Kong launched 5G services. We have been working tirelessly to enhance and optimise 5G coverage aiming for the strongest 5G network for individuals and enterprise customers and provide them with ubiquitous indoor and outdoor 5G services.
Mr. Alex Huang IDC Operations Manager | China Mobile International
“Creating a better workspace with smart technologies is a trend for all businesses, and we looked for a balance between enhanced security and operational efficiency from an advanced access control system for our data center. ScanViS GateGuard series demonstrated the capability to achieve both requirements.”
Mr. Andrew Oh, Regional Project Director CAV Communications
“Comba Telecom is one of the world’s leading wireless solution suppliers. We are happy to have Comba Telecom as our partner to deploy the in-building solutions for this project. Combined with CAV Communications’ engineering expertise and local service teams, we will deliver a world-class solution for the Proscenium at Rockwell as befitting the status of this development.”
Mr. Waleed Al Sayed Deputy Chief Executive Officer | Ooredoo Group
“We’re delighted to announce our new agreement with leading wireless solutions provider Comba Telecom. This agreement enables us to deploy new antennas that will support the underlying enabling technologies such as higher order sectorization, carrier addition, carrier aggregation and massive MIMO, as we upgrade our radio networks from 2G to 5G technology. With this agreement, Ooredoo now has access to robust state-of-the-art antennas that are capable of delivering super-fast connections to our customers, enabling them to enjoy the internet even more.”
Dr. Sheng Yu, Expert of Wireless Department | China Unicom
"The solution enhances the quality of education and accelerates the modernization of education, as well as achieves a multi-dimensional sharing of resources and secure protection of information, which can realize the development of informative education within a wireless environment. In the evolution from 4G to 5G, the open mobile network capacity enables the exploration of a wide range of business and service solutions to accelerate the telecommunications transformation of mobile operators.”

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