(01 August 2023 – Milpitas, CA) – Comba Telecom, Inc. (Subsidiary of Comba Telecom Network Systems Limited), a global leading wireless solutions provider, today announced their CriticalPoint™ NG (Next Generation) 700/800MHz Public Safety Fiber DAS system. This system is powered by Comba’s just released public safety CriticalPoint BDA (Bi-Directional Amplifier) NG which acts as a headend when connected to 1/2W or 2W Remote Units (RUs) and a fully integrated Battery Backup Unit(s) (BBUs). 


The RUs comprising the system are based on Comba’s market leading Critical Point NG BDA which offers built-in customizable cavity filtering, improved advanced digital filtering, improved uplink and downlink ALC mechanisms, and the ability to bypass half of the LNA circuitry to allow for utilizing lower gain without raising the noise floor.  And like the CriticalPoint NG BDA, the NG RUs uses the same BBU (Battery Backup Unit) NG with highly reliable LiFePO4 batteries as its power backup solution. In a fiber DAS system, the NG BDA will function as the Master Unit (MU) to provide management for the DAS system, while providing downlink power for local service antennas.

Like Comba’s original Version 1 Fiber DAS, the NG Fiber DAS Comba offers the only true end to end Class A fiber DAS – meaning that Class A function such as narrow band filtering, channelized ALC and squelch, etc. can be applied at both the remotes and head end device.

The Remote Units are available with either .5W or 2W of downlink power, can be ordered as either single band or dual band devices, and are also available as either Class A or Class B versions. 


  • One BDA NG supports up to 32 Remote Units (utilizing up to 4 Fiber Optic expansion units)
  • Both Master Unit (BDA NG) and Remote Units are available with either 1/2W or 2W of downlink RF powr, for providing local coverage through service antennas.
  • Up to 64 channels per band on single models; up to 96 channels shared across bands on dual models (maximum of 64 on individual band) (Class A)
  • Improved noise performance while providing the maximum in coverage for first responders.

 Comba’s CriticalPoint NG BDA and Battery Backup Units are shipping now. The NG Fiber DAS RUs will be shipping on or before September 1st, 2023. For more information visit:

Comba’s CriticalPoint NB BDA and Battery Backup Unit will be shipping on or before February 28th, 2023. For more information visit:

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