(25 April 2023 – Milpitas, CA) – Comba Telecom, Inc. a leading provider of solutions for providing public safety in-building communications for First Responder 2-way radios, announced the launch of its enhanced Comba University program.

Comba has provided online and in person certification training for its ERCES (Emergency Responder Communication Enhancement Systems) products since 2017. However, advancements in network types and sophistication, along with the much greater number of ERCES systems being installed, now necessitate that the level of knowledge needed by the organizations who are designing and installing ERCES systems is greater than it has been in the past. It is no longer enough that OEMs teach installers how to commission the equipment.

As Don Henry, Comba’s VP of Sales, states “When you go through ground school to obtain a pilot’s license – they don’t simply teach you how to fly the aircraft. The book learning starts with learning and understanding the fundamentals of flight – how wings work, how lift is generated, how things like thrust, drag, humidity and other things affect flight performance, etc. You need to understand these things to really know how to safely fly the aircraft in all conditions and situations”.

This is why ERCES systems installers must learn and understand more than just how to commission the equipment – they must also understand the fundamentals of RF and LMR networks to be able to commission a system properly; one that will enhance in building coverage while NOT causing detriment to the licensee’s network.

Comba’s newly enhanced Comba University courses are held in person, and consist of 2 sections – the first section is called RF 101, and teaches the fundamentals surrounding RF and the network. The second section is focused on the commissioning of the Comba equipment. The first Comba University class will be held in Seattle on April 25. Additional Comba University classes will be held in Southern California on May 11, and Northern California on May 17. Classes for the East coast and Central US will be scheduled for the near future. These classes are open to all network licensees, AHJs, and ERCES systems integrators.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Comba University classes, or wanting to register for a future class, please send an email to:

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Comba Telecom, Inc., based in Milpitas, California, is a leading supplier of RF communications solutions and equipment to the wireless industry. With R&D innovating in the heart of Silicon Valley and a manufacturing base in Asia, Comba Telecom manufactures cutting edge technologies and cost-effective solutions for OEM, integration, and operator partners.

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