Comba RF Commissioning Certification Exam Program




It is estimated that over 80% of signal boosters currently operating in the United States do not meet FCC requirement for their operation. FCC rules require all signal boosters must have “express written authorization” from the licensee(s) who’s frequencies will be amplified. In 2012 the FCC modified their rules to allow non licensees (building owners, integrators etc) to operate signal boosters providing they meet certain deployment requirements as part of their installation. In many if not most installations neither the technical nor the administrative requirements of the FCC are being met. In 2019 the FCC sent out a reminder to the industry that the rules were not being followed and started enforcement actions. Due to Covid the FCC stopped enforcement procedures except for the most egregious issues.
Today the FCC is back in the office and out in the field.




Due to the lack of FCC adherence, many markets are experiencing interference and noise rise at their base station sites. Licensees are spending $100k’s tracing down noise caused by improperly installed and unauthorized signal boosters. The FCC has been involved in many of these situations.




Comba is approaching to solving this problem before licensees and/or the FCC stops the use of signal boosters.  Comba is requiring all integrators who want to install and commission Comba public safety equipment, take and pass our RF Commissioning Certification Program prior to taking our product specific training courses.  By doing so we hope to help build an integrator network that is qualified, by engaging the licensees and providing tools so they can assess the risk/reward of any signal booster installation and building the best product available to the industry.




The Comba RF Commissioning Certification Program consists of number of videos and lessons that cover the basics of RF.  These include link budgeting, RF free-space loss and general RF theories to prepare the student to take the exam which is administered by our third party partner test proctor, Prometric.  There is no fee to register and take the video lessons, but if the student wishes to become a fully certified Comba product installer, they must pass the exam which costs $150.


If you are interested in becoming a Comba certified installer, please contact our sales who can help assist you to gain access to our portal and online training at






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