CN-NM-F38 / CN-NF-F38


• N-type connectors for CS-F38W-P 3/8” Plenum rated Coaxial Cable

• Super-Flexible Coaxial Cable, White Plenum Rated Jacket




Electrical Specifications:

Product Model SP-NFNF7G SP-NFNM7G
Connector type Bulkhead N-female/N-female Bulkhead N-female/N-male
Frequency (MHz) DC-7000DC-7000
Impedance (ohm) 5050
Average Power (W) 150150
Insertion Loss (dB)
     DC-6700MHz≤ 0.2≤ 0.2
     6700-7000MHz≤ 0.3≤ 0.3
     DC-6700MHz≤ 1.20≤ 1.20
     6700-7000MHz≤ 1.30≤ 1.30
Surge Current 10kA Multiple (Wave Form 8/20μs)10kA Multiple (Wave Form 8/20μs)
Turn on Voltage 180VDC180VDC
Impulse Sparkover 700V (1KV/μs)700V (1KV/μs)
Protection Circuit DC Pass, BidirectionalDC Pass, Bidirectional

Mechanical Specifications:

Dimension (in/ mm)1.85×0.79×0.79 / 47.0×20.0x20
 Weight (lb./kg)0.13 / 0.057
 Shipping Dimension (in/mm)2.76×1.57×1.57 / 70.0×40.0x40.0
 Shipping Weight (lb./kg)0.14 / 0.065
 Interface Durability, number of cycles500
 Connector TypeN-Male/ N-Female
 Outer Conductor MaterialBrass, Tri-alloy Plated
 Inner Conductor MaterialPhosphor bronze, Ag Plated
 Insulator MaterialPTFE
 OtherBrass, Ni Plated

Environmental and Compliance:

 Operating Temperature-40°C to +80°C
 Relative HumidityUp to 95%

Outline Drawing:


 Datasheet: SP-NFNF7G_DS 1-0-0_2024_0124 


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