Comba Network offers comprehensive wireless network coverage solutions for global mobile operators and enterprises to enhance and extend their business value with high-capacity, end-to-end indoor and outdoor 2G/3G/4G/5G solutions.


Comba offers a broad portfolio of network system solutions to enable telecom operators to meet the needs of various vertical industries as the launch, development, and investment of 5G services are fuelling an engine of economic growth across all industries.


5G networks unlock a new era of a fully digitalized and connected healthcare ecosystem, improving patient outcomes, boosting efficiency and protecting data. Comba solutions can help.

Large Venue

Operators have collaborated with Comba to address the increasing demand for high speed  and reliable  indoor connectivity  in large outdoor venues to meet audience experience.

Hospitality & Retail

Comba network solutions let your hotel, casino or resort, as well as shopping arena improve guest experience, security and operations with higher speed, lower latency and greater capacity of wireless connectivity.


5G networks offer manufacturers the chance to build smart factories and take avantage of  technologies such as robotics, automation, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and IoT.


Mining operations with high-speed connectivity,, big data, and IoT applications enable high device density, low latency, and full visibility of assets, processes and data 


5G brings in evolution across the transportation sector, including the rise of autonomous vehicles, smart and efficient logistics, and improved urban transportation.

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