Large venue


Large high-traffic indoor venues such as airports, hospitals, transportation hubs, stadiums, and exhibition centres have always been a prioritized target by operators to create an excellent end-user experience through dedicated indoor coverage. With the implementation of commercial 5G networks, the demand for high speed and capacity indoor connectivity demand is increasing. 


Comba has proven track record  in delivering various in-building solutions to enable high-performing indoor network coverage for large indoor venues. The Comflex PRO DAS solution is ideal  for building a multi-operator indoor mobile network that evolves from LTE to 5G to provide scalable capacity and coverage. Our Small Cell solution delivers seamless  and faster connection indoors. The FLeX5 end-to-end solution is a flexible and cost-effective solution for creating private networks and our repeaters further strengthen  the support for the growing indoor connectivity demand in the IoT era.


Small cell
End-to-end solution

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