ACU-RK-A (Chassis)

    – ACU-PS-A92W300 (Power Supply, AC) or

    – ACU-PS-A48W300 (Power Supply, DC)

    – ACU-MC-MM20S (Monitor Control Unit)

    – ACU-RF (See RF Card Solutions Below – supports up to 8 cards)

ACU-CB-8I4OES (Combiner Unit) – Optional

MU01-FOU-SABFOP6 (Optical Control Unit) – Optional



• Low PIM (≤ -160dBc)

• Up to 8 RF modules for each chassis

• Up to 32 sources by 4 ACUs, cascaded

• Duplex input from BTS / Simplex output

• DL input power from 5W-100W

• Each RFU has built-in internal signal source

• Web-based GUI

• Active ATT, input power detection and ALC protection for each RF module


Electrical Specifications:


 Power SupplyVAC100 – 240 / 50 – 60Hz
 Power Consumption (approx.)


180 (with 8 RFUs)

 Operating TemperatureoC0 – 45
 Operating Humidity%≤ 85
 Ingress Protection IP30
 Enclosure Cooling Fan
 Installation Type 19" Rack


Mechanical Specifications:





ACU-PS-A92W300 or 


Power Supply


Monitoring Control Unit

 Dimension (in/mm)8.7" x 19" x 17.7" (220 x 482.5 x 450)
 Weight (lb/kg)2.6 / 1.24.4. / 2.04.0 / 1.8
 Connector TypeN/AN/A?????

ComFlex ACU RF Modules

At the heart of the DAS system is controlling and distributing the RF signals. The Master Control Unit can take up to 8 RF modules per rack, up to 4 racks or 32 RF sources to customize the wireless ecosystem. Just simply plug the unit in and make the connections to the remote units.


• Avaiable for all North American bands
• Simplex/Duplex supported
• Input power level by LED display
• Independent gain control

ComFlex Combiner Unit

The role of the combiner is the do exactly what the name implies, combine the RF signals.


• Passive unit for 8 inputs and 4 outputs.
• Simplex RF connectors.
• Supports cascade up to 16 inputs and 4 outputs.

ComFlex Optical Control Unit

The Optical Control Unit (OCU) brings in the RF signal and converts it to a digital signal distributed and carried over via fiber to the Remote Units


• Modular design for easy upgrading and maintenance.
• Supports up to 8 RUs.
• Display the optical power loss of each optical port.

ComFlex DAS Remote Units

The Remote Units are self contained and come in both low/medium power 2W/5W
or high power 40W units, depending on your specific design requirements.


  • Delivers 2 watt (LRU) / 5 watt (MRU) / 40 watt (HRU) per band
  • Supports all North American bands
  • High linearity power amplifier
  • Compact size and light weight:
    •      MRU: 26.0”x9.8”x6.3”, 55lbs
    •      MRU: 26.0”x9.8”x6.3”, 55lbs
    •      HRU: 53.1” x 8.9” x 12.4”, 154.3lbs
  • Low power consumption:
    •      LRU: 200W
    •      MRU: 200W
    •      HRU: 1400W
  • Convection cooling with NO noise (2W/5W)
  • Modular power supply unit ComFlex (5W)

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