MU-Chassis-AC (Chassis)

    – MU-FOU (Fiber Optical Unit – 4 Optical Ports, 600-4000 MHz)

    – MU-BDA (See RF Card Solutions Below – Consumer Part 20)

    – MU-POI (See RF Card Solutions Below – Industrial) 

ARU-HUB-AC (Remote Fiber Hub – Supports up to 16 ARUs)

ARU-6B-Internal (Active Remote Unit – 6 Band Support (700/850/1900/2100/2500/3700) – 19dBm (FDD) / 22dBm (TDD)



Optical Specifications:

Operating Frequency 600MHz-1GHz,1.7GHz-2.2GHz, 3.3GHz-4GHz
Optical Fiber Single Mode
Optical Wavelengthnm1310, 1550 + WDM
Optical Output PowerdBmMaster Unit: -2 to +2
Hub: 6 to 8
End-to-End ReflectancedB< -60
End-to-End Optical LossdBo< 8
Optical Automatic Gain Control RangedB8
Fiber Connectors SC/APC
Max Remote Units (Hubs) per Master Unit 16 (with FOU expansion)

Electrical Specifications:

Power Supply


100 – 240 / 50 – 60Hz

 Power Consumption (approx.)W < 500
 RF Connectors

4.3-10 - Female (BDA Card, POI Card TX)

QMA - Female (POI Card RX)

 Operating Temperature°F +32 – +113
 Operating Humidity ≤85
 Ingress Protection IP30
 Enclosure Cooling Chassis Fan Cooling
 Installation Type

19" Rack

Mechanical Specifications:





Power Supply


Optical Unit

Dimension (in/mm)

7” x 19” x 15.7” (178 x 482 x 400)5.5” x 2.5” x 15.7” (140 x 63 x 400)1.5” x 7.3” x 11.8” (37 x 185 x 299)

Weight (lb/kg)

24.3 / 115.5 / 2.54.4 / 2
 Connector TypeN/AN/ASC/APC

Master Unit Datasheet: Download

Master Unit Fiber Optical Unit Datasheet: Download

Comflex NG Consumer Ordering Guide: Download

Comflex NG Industrial Ordering Guide: Download

ComFlex NG DAS RF Modules

At the heart of the DAS system is controlling and distributing the RF signals. The Master Unit can take up to 8 RF modules to customize the wireless ecosystem. Just simply plug the unit in and make the connections to the remote units.


• Available for all North American bands including 2500BRS and C-Band
• Independent gain control


ComFlex NG DAS Hub

The Fiber Expansion Unit (Hub) feeds the wireless signals from the master unit
out to the active remote units.


• Compact, slim design
• Supports up to 16 ARUs



ComFlex NG DAS Active Remote Units

The Active Remote Units are self contained and support 6 wireless bands.


• Compact, slim design
• Supports 6 independent bands (LTE 700MHz, CELL 800, PCS 1900MHz,
   EAWS, BRS 2500TDD and C-Band 3700TDD



Cable and Connectors

Comba offers 3/8" Plenum rated coax cable to be used with ComFlex NG as well as the connectors needed. Please see below and click the button to see the cable and connector specifications.


• 3/8" Plenum rated cable
• Both N-Male and N-Female connectors for the 3/8" cable


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