HC-K2-OMD300L(I) / HC-K2-ON300L(I)


Low PIM(-161dBc), Hybrid coupler, 555-2700MHz, 300W



• Wideband design covering 555-2700MHz
• Connects 2 inputs to 2 outputs
• Suitable for indoor/outdoor environment
• High reliability and low insertion loss


Electrical Specifications:


 Product ModelHC-K2-ON300L(I) / HC-K2-OMD300L(I)
 Frequency (MHz)555-2700
 Coupling Value (dB)3.0
Coupling Tolerance± 0.5
 Insertion Loss (dB)≤ 0.5
 VSWR @ all ports≤ 1.25
 Isolation (dB)≥ 25
 PIM≤ -161 @ 2 x 43dBm
 Total Average Power, max (W)300
 Peak Power, max (W)1000
 Impedance (ohm)50

 Mechanical Specifications:

 Dimension Diameter, Height (in/mm)

7.61x3.49x1.28 / 193.2x88.6x32.5

7.61x3.53x1.28 / 193.2x89.6x32.5

 Weight (lb/kg)1.61 / 0.73
1.65 / 0.75
Connector TypeHC-K2-ON300L(I); N Female / HC-K2-OMD300L(I); 
4.3-10 Female

Environmental Specifications:

 Application Outdoor / Indoor
 Operating Temperature -35°C to +85°C
 Environment IP65
 Relative Humidity Up to 95%
 RoHS Compliant

Outline Drawing:




HC-K2-xx300L(I) DS 1-0-1_2017_1005


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