Prep tool – N-type Connector only for CS-F38P 3/8-inch Coax cable


• Stripping and Coring tool for 3/8-inch coaxial cable
• Manual or Drill Operation
• High Quality of Anodized Aluminum
• Multiple blades for striping and coring




Mechanical Specifications:

Body Material

Anodized Aluminum
 ToolAutomated cable Prep tool
 Supporting Coaxial CableCS-F38P 3/8” coax only
 Related ConnectorsCN-NM-F38 (N-type male) CN-NF-F38 (N-type female)
 Dimension (in/mm)1.57×1.57×4.72/ 40.0×40.0x120.0
 Weight (lb./kg)0.46 / 0.21
 Shipping Dimension (in/mm)4.92×3.35×3.35 / 125.0×85.0x85.0
 Shipping Weight(lb./kg)0.60 / 0.27

Outline Drawing:



 Datasheet: AP-F38_DS 1-0-0_2023_0711 



Installation Video:


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